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Offers a range of over 60 models of Tower Cranes, perfectly suited to each type of construction. This range consists of two main families: GMA ( Self erecting cranes ), GME ( Top slewing cranes ) and GSP (special application cranes). Potain has completed its offer with site elevators, MANLIFT platforms, portable cranes and loading platforms.

Terex Cranes
Manufactures truck cranes, crawler lift cranes, pedestal cranes, tower cranes, ring horse cranes, sky horse cranes, guy derrick cranes and more. Tower cranes: self erecting, flat top, lifting jib, hammerhead. Our brands include American Crane, Bendini, Comedil, Demag, Franna, Lorain, Peiner, P&H, PPM and RO Stinger.


Arcomet - Belgium
The only Belgian manufacturer of tower cranes Our basic product line consists of Arcomet Arco cranes, Arcomet Tower cranes, Arcomet MR tower cranes, Tadano-Faun hydraulic cranes, other brand rental machines and secondhand cranes.

Favelle Favco - Australia
Tower cranes - crawler cranes, offshore pedestal cranes, port cranes.

Liebherr Tower Crane
The highly adaptable fast-erecting tower cranes and the efficient top-slewing cranes have proved their worth both in the construction of residential buildings and on large-scale industrial projects all over the world. EC-B series tower cranes have a cantilever jib and therefore no tower head and jib guying. The MK series of mobile construction cranes combines the mobility of a classic truck crane with the functional advantages of a tower crane.

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